Why DecoNova Vacation Homes?

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We have exclusivity of real estate projects in the Orlando area, and Mexico. Maintaining strategic alliances with the most important companies, on many countries.


We advise, inform and support you during the entire purchase process. We have the best porfolio of properties for investment, showing you best alternatives availables. We will look for what suits your needs and investment size, guiding you also with financing information and legal procedures.


We have created an efficient and transparent system, for the administration, maintenance and promotion of our properties. We have digital technology, an effective online booking system. In addition, we develop an effective online promotion marketing plan throughout the year.

We have more than 10 years of experience in the Real Estate market, both in the United Estates and internationally

    Why invest in a Vacation Home?


    An investment that assures you surplus value over time, in a stable and growing market such as the Orlando area. We only work with properties of high quality of construction, design and with the best locations.

    Your investment only can grow


    No other investment ensures the return of a vacation home in the Orlando area, the occupation is a maintained over 70%.

    You investment pays for itself


    You and your family can enjoy the property as often and as long as you want during the year, and when you are not using it… enjoy with the income generated.

    You can enjoy your investment

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